Roberto Rubino

Third generation of master shoemakers, Roberto Rubino arrives on the international market with a first collection that bears his signature and his inspiration.

With his academic training and the know-how acquired in the historic family business, a manufacturer of Made in Italy footwear for years, he has chosen to make his way into the world of fashion, proposing his contemporary and sophisticated vision.

His first collection is inspired by an enterprising and very feminine woman.

A woman aware of her sensuality, which she wants to enhance by wearing elegant and unique footwear.

The Ruby

Ruby is the stone that embodies passion par excellence, consecrating it among the most beautiful birthstones: giving one symbolizes an ardent, passionate love that burns forever.

Always considered one of the most precious and rare gems in the world, the Ruby tells the endless passion: the charm of the deep red between history and emotions.

The imaginary gallops towards the most fantastic places and the most mysterious meanings: since the beginning it has fascinated for its rarity and unmistakable glow.

There are many legends that see the precious stone as the protagonist; first of all the widespread belief among the ancient Indians who associated Ruby with an internal fire that would have the power to guarantee a long life.

Just like the warriors of Burma, the current Myanmar, who used to sew rubies under the skin before battles, so Roberto Rubino's creations carry the unmistakable mark, with a symbolic ruby ​​embedded, to represent a secret gift from the designer, to give luck and love to women who choose to wear them, his original signature.